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Dr. Tom Hanson

Dr. Tom Hanson Sports Psychologist Action Shot
  • Replacing his co-author and mental game icon Dr. Ken Ravizza who passed away unexpectedly, Dr. Tom Hanson is the founder of the Play Big Academy and author of the book Play Big: Mental Toughness Secrets that Take Baseball Players to the next Level. Big Play won the American Baseball Coaches Association Best in Show award in 2012, and introduces players and coaches to energy psychology.
  • Tom is known throughout softball and baseball for his ground-breaking books Heads Up Baseball and Heads Up Softball and he’s just released, along with his co-author Dr. Ken Ravizza, Heads Up Baseball 2.0.
  • Tom has worked with the New York Yankees, Texas Rangers, Minnesota Twins as well as Microsoft, American Express and Fannie Mae. He specializes in eliminating the “yips” that afflicts the high-level athlete.
  • He earned his Ph.D. specializing in sport psychology, from the University of Virginia, where he also served as the Cavaliers’ hitting coach for 3 seasons. He then became a tenured professor and head baseball coach at Skidmore College (NY), before starting a coaching and consulting company (HeadsUpPerformance.com).
  • A leading authority of mental game assessments which are used for both player development and selection in softball, baseball and other sports, we are thrilled to have Mental Game m

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